Fountain Place

Severe Water Restrictions in the Western Cape

The Western Cape is experiencing a severe drought!

Due to severe drought conditions Cape Town is expected to run out of water in 2018. Everyone is doing their utmost to try and prevent a ‘Day Zero’ for the City by using as little water as possible.

Although we are two hours away from Cape Town, we are suffering the effects of the prolonged drought conditions.

We are all being called upon to reduce our water usage to a bare minimum and to adhere to strict water restrictions.

We may not water our garden with municipal water and so we are making every effort to utilise our grey water for this purpose. We ask for your understanding at this time as our garden is suffering, despite our best efforts.

We ask all our guests to please try to help us in our efforts, as much as possible during their stay, by following these suggestions:

Turn taps off! Don’t leave taps running when brushing your teeth, etc!

We have provided waterless hand cleanser, in guest bathrooms, for when hands just need freshening up a little. They are beautifully scented and leave hands lovely and soft!

Take very short showers!

Do not flush the toilet every time, please wait until it is necessary.

In order to avoid excessive water usage we are asking longer staying guests for their understanding – bedding and towels will no longer be changed every third day but rather only on request of the guest if they feel it is necessary, thank you.


Thank you for your help during this extremely difficult time!