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Accommodation McGregor at Fountain Place

Want to know a little bit more about our ‘small but perfectly formed ’boutique bed & breakfast’?

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Accommodation McGregor is one of the most common search terms used by people interested in trying to find the perfect place to stay for their weekend away or their midweek break in McGregor. In fact, you may have used it yourself, which may be how you came to find yourself on this particular page of our website! This page is dedicated to photos of various aspects of our guesthouse but you will also find additional photos on most of our other pages too. Just click on the tabs along the very top of our website to navigate to our other information pages.

We are constantly updating our website and try to take new photographs of any updates and improvements that we make to our elegant accommodation, on an ongoing basis. These photos will be added to either this gallery, Facebook or Tripadvisor for your interest.

We hope that you find your perfect accommodation McGregor so that your trip to the very special village of McGregor is everything that you are looking for. We will be even more pleased if you choose to stay with us!

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